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May 23, 2013

So much happening!

Hey all,

So some exciting updates! We’ve met some amazing people from the AngelCube program, and are still working hard on launching LifeGym soon. Along the way, we’ve been featured on Googleprenuers, and on SideKicker (a great service you should use if you’re looking for an obscure job that needs to get done!). We’re hoping to launch our beta in the next week or so, so register here if you were keen on participating!

In other news, by the end of the year the app markets will be populated with a few more great apps that we’ve been developing. Keep in touch with this space to see what delicious wonders are conjuring as we speak!

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  1. AdamRSheppard

    RT @imagineteamsol: So much happening with the Imagine Team! Angel Cube, and a great variety of our mobile app projects hitting the market.…

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