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April 30, 2014
Andrew Onsie

Giraffe Onesie

In an effort to stem the team’s unsavoury habits (swearing and burping loudly), we instated a rule where person being uncouth would have to wear a giraffe onesie for an entire day. It is my great pleasure to announce Andrew, the uncouth giraffe.

To my supreme disappointment, it seems Andrew is enamoured with his onesie. He lets out a squeal when he periodically discovers his tail and horns, and makes terrible giraffe puns (His last one being “I don’t mind sticking my neck out :D”)

My plan has backfired, and I am resigned to making sure Andrew gets his fresh bale of hay for the rest of the day :(


  1. Imagine Team

    Giraffe VCM (Visual Communication Management)

  2. Imagine Team

    ZOO Advertising

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