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June 4, 2014

BitCoin in Canberra

Today The Canberra Times ran an article on BitCoin in Canberra, mentioning Zak and Myself: Our app, MyBus 2.0 allows users of ACTION buses to recharge their MyWay (Bus) card using BitCoin or Credit Card, check their balance, as well as view timetable information.

As far as we have researched, paying for public transport with BitCoin is a world first, done first right here in #CBR

We hope ACTION appreciates the extra revenue.

The article featured V Spot, the vegetarian/vegan cafe in the Canberra City. The food and the people are both great, do check it out.

Perhaps you’ll pay for that brunch of four with BitCoin, then split the bill using (your friends will pay you back in AUD with BitCoin), and you’ll catch an ACTION bus running on BitCoin fare.  We can hope.

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